Passport Seva Kendra Vadakara Address, Enquiry No, Status

Passport Seva Kendra Vadakara address, enquiry numbers and office area is with map location. with contact numbers of Regional Passport Officer, Public Grievances Cell (HQ) and Public Relation Officer.

~Passport Seva Kendra Vadakara~

Passport Seva Kendra Vadakara

Passport Seva Kendra General Information

PSK Vadakara address :

Ground Floor and First Floor of Koyenco Enclave,
Vatakara Kozhikode Road, Edodi, Vatakara,
Kozhikode, Kerala 673101

ग्राउंड फ्लोर और कोयेंको एन्क्लेव की पहली मंजिल,
वातकारा कोझीकोड रोड, एदोदी, वातकारा
कोझीकोड, केरल 673101

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