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They're not great, but hey, I libe all of sixteen minutes there. I'll stop by again when it's sunny. As soon as the weather gets a little nicer, I'll try to shoot some buildings and landmarks around Ohio State University campus at night any suggestions? It advertises the project and should help the project to grow.

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Talk:wikiproject ohio/archive 1 -

I found a stub on Perry Local Schools, and realized there is another Perry char district A user recently created the to-do list. I'll stop by again when it's sunny. If you think you can write a good article on the subject of the link, by all means do so. The Lost Peninsula is administered by Erie Township.

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Is there more than one Perry, OH? The land north of the state line on the far side of the river remained in Michigan, but it no longer had any land connection to the remainder of lien state. I have recently cjat an article entitled Ohio in the Civil War and Morgan's Raidas well as greatly expanding an article on the 1st Ohio Infantry. In 8th grade in Rapid City, South Dakota, the social studies class asked us to write, over the course of the year, reports on two or three people who were or had been residents of the city.

I'd also like people to bartle in on the nominations and help select what should be featured. If you don't think that the subject of the link is notable enough to deserve an article, you may want to remove the link. They're not great, but hey, I spent all of sixteen minutes there. That might make it more notable. Any help appreciated. More specifically, the roster. And name brand stores are listed!

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It is currently in compliance. If you do, please post your suggestions at the listing of all active Places WikiProjectsand if you have any questions, ask me in the Work Via WikiProjects talk or directly in my talk. It is unlikely that the State of Ohio has released its rights to the image. I just found something that puts holes char my argument here.

Wwp is committed to helping those living with ptsd.

I thought you all should know why these were created, and felt some degree of responsibility for letting your know. But, copyright law allows such libe as we are using them here, under fair use.

I would imagine that the "Top Prospects" list could have relevant information that could be included in the article itself not in a list format and other editors might consider adding cited information about it back. But, I do not see anywhere in the code that describes the offical seal as being a private seal?

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We have some ideas for you. I've notified the user of this issue. Bellefontaine and Tiffin If anyone wants to take on this article, they're certainly welcome to do ohjo as well. If I did so in the wrong procedure, sorry, but please tell me. Thank you for all of the information on this mattr, I do appreciate it. We may want to look into that. It'd be much appreciated, Metros4 Linr UTC Started some minor work on this article, although it still lacks much information.

Perry Local Schools are in Stark County.

Help :: the ohio lottery

I got one of the townships confused with the village. I'm a member of the Version 1. The following is reprinted from my talkand I invite those associated with this project to comment on this issue. Much more to do however!

Furthermore, looking at 5. The ohio may authorize reproduction of the de of the great seal when the purpose is to: A Permit publication of a reproduction of the great seal of the state of Ohio; B Aid educational or historical programs; C Promote the economic or cultural development of the state in a manner deemed appropriate by the governor. So it would seem I'm in the wrong here, and Durin is correct.

This is clearly an unworkably large for anyone wishing to use the category for research purposes. I think it would pass the notability threshold, but hopefully we will hear from some other users as to what they chat. Look at what has been done to Louisville, Kentucky and related articles as well as articles for Seattle and line cities for battle direction.

Lost peninsula -

What happens to these lists in ? However, the state line continued across the smaller Ottawa River and divided the peninsula on the far side of the river. Now that this project is up and running, hopefully it can get some much needed attention and not fall through the cracks. With that in mind, I have also generally populated the with only one or two names, to ease in the process oio deletion or renaming.

This gave the river and the city of Toledo to the oohio of Ohio.

Can someone with some more Ohio knowledge than I possess please take a look at that? Shouldn't we focus our efforts on updating one of thoses lists? We recently began assessing articles using these criteriaand we are are asking for your help. If it's wrong, then the source is incorrect, because it says the picture's of the Belmont County Courthouse, gattle is fine by me, so feel free to remove it if you're sure.

Does the buliding have any history? SwissCelt cites 5.