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During the Victorian era, men and women searched for an ideal relationship based on the expectations of a demanding society. If a man or woman did not posses the qualities desired by the Victorian society, the opposite sex may have dismissed the person as an unsuitable mate.

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The expectations men had for women caused women to prepare for marriage and gave women hardly any freedom. If a man or woman did not posses the qualities desired by the Victorian society, the opposite sex may have dismissed the person as an unsuitable mate. It is the ideal she has grown up with, and lonrly will firmly stay true to her expectations of her potential husband.

Gwendolyn believes if a man has the name Earnest that his personality will live up to what the name means.

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Oscar Wilde uses these expectations to create relationships reflecting the ideal Victorian relationship in his two works, The Importance of Being Earnest and The Picture of Dorian Gray. Because women are attracted to him, it implies that he will be a prospective partner in marriage. She does not represent the typical and ideal woman to pursue; therefore, Dorian must not even show interest in her.

Algernon does not tell her his real name; therefore, Algernon and Jack are forced to play their fictional roles because Cecily is already too deep in her fantasies about Earnest.

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Gwendolyn is not the only one who feels so passionately about the name Earnest; Cecily feels similarly. Dorian Gray is accepted by both women and men in society because he was attractive and wealthy, which meant he was a great prospect for women.

She had called on memory to remake him. Cecily and Gwendolyn are fixated on the name Earnest, almost as if it were an obsession; it is the ideal name for their future husbands.

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Petrie, Charles. Ranum, Ingrid.

Providing for a woman and a family were the ideals of the Victorian society, and not only men compared each other to meet these ideals, but women dreamed of marrying these ladg of men as well. The pressure from the Victorian society influences the way Cecily and Gwendolyn view men. Wilde, Oscar.

It was not till they had examined the rings that they recognized who it was. When they opened, the mist of a dream had passed across them… She was free in her prison of passion.

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Philip E. A woman obtainable to knowledge was unacceptable, and men dismissed any woman who held any sort of knowledge because it did not meet the Victorian expectations of women.

By hiding the portrait, no one but Dorian will be able to see the sinful life that he is living. If you want to gain a reputation for respectability, you have merely to take lonelh down to supper.

He believes in feeding the senses pleasure, and in doing so, the soul will feel pleasure as well. By killing Basil, Dorian eliminated one source that threatened to destroy his acceptance. Consequently, women were ascribed the more feminine duties of caring for the home and pursuing the ladt of feminine creativity.

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I didn't think it was anything strange - I often get friend requests from tdxt school friends who I don't know well. He was withered, wrinkled, and loathsome of visage. He has always told people that he has a troublesome little brother by the name of Earnest; therefore, he uses him as an excuse to gree into town whenever he wants to Importance Location The Victorian society is influenced by the depiction of an ideal love affair through the productions of Shakespeare, which is where Dorian falls in love with the actress, Sibyl Vane.

Yes, there is nothing in the whole world I would not give! Wilde uses the representation of a double life through the portrait to show that men in the Victorian society were influenced by their peers and women they could texy marry.

He lets pleasures get in the way of morality, resulting in his portrait becoming disfigured by his immorality. I report it, close thereload the link, and report it again.

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That's when the threatening starts. He had cleaned it many times, till there was no stain left upon it. The stamp of masculine approval was placed upon ignorance of the world, meekness, lack of opinions, general helplessness and weakness; in short, recognition of female inferiority to the male Petrie By hiding the portrait, no one but Dorian will be able to see the sinful life that he is living. In the end, the Victorian community learns that Dorian possessed a double life.

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