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To view this licence, visit nationalarchives. Where we have identified any third party copyright information you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holders concerned. The following information is provided to help British nationals overseas make decisions about whether and how to seek medical advice and attention; report to local police; and engage with foreign legal authorities following a rape or other form of sexual assault overseas.

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Some British nationals have informed us that they have found the process of reporting the assault to be difficult at times due to sez lack of special facilities at the police station such as a quiet and private room.

Women prisoners in francoist spain

Depending on where you are in Spain some public and private hospitals will not provide medical attention if they become aware that you are a victim of rape or sexual assault and they may ask you to go to the deated public hospital in the area instead. No police report needed.

It is free to use but requires internet access so users may pay eoom data usage depending on how they are connected and may incur roaming charges. Sometimes the British consulate is also able to obtain updates for you, although we do not have access to case files. Survivors can wznt us on the Skype app by searching for Glasgow Clyde Rape Crisis during the above helpline opening times.

For information and addresses in Madrid and a description of the services provided please visit Victims of Crime Support Offices.

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Instant messenger You can make initial contact with us through the Madrod Messaging facility which is on our website at www. Sometimes these clubs are only open on weekends or they may have various theme nights. Please note that there is usually no simultaneous interpreting of the whole of the court proceedings.

If you came to this hoping to learn more about threesomes or anal sex that link can also help. The sooner the dant takes place, the more chance of collecting any important evidence that may be required. You can also apply for a state-appointed lawyer via the Madrid Law Society or if you are not in Madrid to the Law Society in the City where you are, or by submitting a letter to the court.

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Swingers clubs can be extremely hit or miss. It is essential that you keep the court informed of your address in the UK if you decide to leave Spain.

Triangulo There is not a huge swingers club scene in Spain like you find in some other European countries. If you are going back to the UK the NHS rokm be able to commence or continue the day treatment on your return.

Sex offences are generally punishable with a prison sentence and its duration will depend on the classification of the offence sexual abuse, rape…. In which case, the case will be passed to a trial court and will be presided over by three judges and the state prosecutor.

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If you do decide to report the crime to the police in the UK, it is for the Spanish police and the Spanish court to decide whether to investigate a crime in their jurisdiction or not. The consulate does not offer interpreting or translation services but may be able to assist you in exceptional circumstances. Girla you intend to stay in Spain, you may be asked to reconfirm your report at a later date.

A lawyer should be able to access the pre-trial information held by the court including the statements provided by the defendant.

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You can: contact the emergency in Spain which is To view this licence, visit nationalarchives. The can take a while to come through and if you are staying in Spain, the hospital will arrange dant appropriate follow up tests and treatment. It is advisable to read the whole document to help you come to a decision on what to do next.

That is right, there are over 1, active female users looking for casual sexual relationships with guys in this city. They are less likely to have any forensic evidence or to be able to carry out a detailed investigation as evidence such as CCTV is normally only kept for a few weeks. Skype grils be downloaded at www.

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If you make yourself known to them before you leave Spain, they should be able to obtain updates on your behalf. You will be asked to read your wany or the interpreter will read it to you to check the information is correct and then you will have to it.

All the above services can be accessed at the following times: Every day: 11am to 2pm UK time. The amount will be published in the sentence. However, during the investigation phase of the proceedings, and if the alleged perpetrator is not remanded to prison, certain provisional measures could be applied for such as a restraining order. If you are travelling with a tour operator, you can report the incident to your representative and ask them for assistance.

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They will provide you with legal and other girlss even if you are not normally resident in Madrid. Centro de Salud Sandoval Medical centre funded by the Autonomous Community of Madrid which provides medical examinations, including tests for sexually transmitted diseases in the Autonomous Community of Madrid. You can use Skype for a voice call, video call or instant message support. The information and forms should be available in English. The following information is provided to help British nationals overseas make decisions about whether and how to seek medical advice and attention; report to local police; and engage with foreign legal authorities following a rape or other form of sexual assault overseas.

At the time of ratifying your statement, you will again be provided with information on your rights and in particular the right to appoint a lawyer to represent you or to have a state-appointed lawyer appointed for you instead. The medical examination — what wex expect If a member of consular staff is available, they will be able to accompany you to the hospital if you so wish.

Your application will be assessed by a commission. The trial is normally held in front of three judges who have access to all the information beforehand.