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Everything from Dustin Pedroia's injury to trade possibilities, he had you covered. Let's jump right in to it. Chase from Watertown asks: Sean, any news yet on Pedey's thumb? Were the Sox wrong in allowing him to play with that injury? Sean McAdam: Nothing yet -- suspect we'll hear more later this afternoon.

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Comment From matt from boston sean, what was the red sox reaction to beckett being booed after leaving the game with an injury.

Boston red sox rumors & news

Everything from Jacoby Ellsbury's future with the team to possible waiver market moves to the booing of Josh Beckett was covered. I also realize I omitted him from the prospective Aug. As for his relationship with Valentine, I think Cherington is trying to make the best of a difficult situation. Way too much stuff could happen between now and then.

Steve asks: With your healthy starting lineup, why wouldn't you have Youk playing? Valentine has done well with his evaluations.

Boston red sox rumors - mlb trade rumors

And Beckett is a notoriously stubborn guy who doesn't always take suggestions well, another bad example to set. Dante from NJ asks: Does Morales keep getting starts as long as he's pitching well?

So a player in the A. Comment From Chris Who are some of the starting pitchers in next year's free agent class? So there's hope.

Tuesday night orioles game thread: vs. red sox, - camden chat

Sean McAdam: Oh, no doubt, Manny. Teams who beileve they're in contrenion now including the SOx themselves may not be in a month or so when the deadline draws closer. We don't know what the training staff recommended to Cherington and Valentine.

He is a joke in the clutch and seldom goes for the single when that is all the team needs at the time. Some others eox be underperforming, but it doesn't mean the Sox don't value the ability to get on base.

Jackie Bradley Jr is in the mold of Carl Crawford in every aspect. What do they like. As for they don't retire his No.

As for Lavarnway, I think it will depend on where they are in the race. And you could make the argument that he had already established himself as HOFer before the suspected PED use began in late s. And look out for that rake, Sideshow!

The more they play, the more that's asked of them, the more it becomes apparent why they've bounced around so much. And if he harnesses his control and becomes more efficient, he could still improve.

Boston red sox top 10 mlb prospects chat

Remember, it's more likely that pitchers with lots of money due them will get through waivers, since teams will be less likely to chay those guys out of fear of being stuck with them. But they seem intent on keeping it going.

Comment Wox Wally from Yawkey Way Is this 4 game winning streak legit or is this team pulling another fast one on us? Sean McAdam: Too soon to tell, Chris. Good OBP guy, why couldn't they have packaged him with someone to help the major league club as they attempted last year.

Sean McAdam: I'm not sure that Anderson has much value at this point. As for Valentine, there's some interraction, but not much. Either way, it's a tricky proposition.

Red sox forum

Rd think a lot of fans thought: "OK. He hasn't had much success in Houston and that will hurt him, even if people recognize that they traded away his best players. I get it. Dewey asks: Question: Why don't the Sox retire Dewey's 24?

Boston red sox news & rumors

Then, if they clear the A. And finally, there was some extra red regarding Ramirez and 1 his hustle 2 his willingness to play. Teams routinely put mostmany of rwd players through waivers in August, to give them the flexibility of making late summer deals. Once a player clears, even if it's early in August, he can be dealt at any time, even weeks later.

I can also see them selling off Sox, an OF, bullpen if they don't think one piece can make a difference. Sean McAdam: Lots of people standing by -- let's go another 15 minutes or so Comment From tom anyway chat hamilton might have been involved in that texas blockbuster with boston? Also, Doubront seems to have exceeded everyones expectations for his ceiling.

Boston red sox: breaking news, rumors & highlights | yardbarker

Cleveland would get a young OF whom they could control for another 5 years and the Sox get an experienced, versatile pitcher. And it wouldn't surprise me if there is more turnover, especially if they fail to make the playoffs. I believe they have to get into the post-season for Valentine to return. Sean McAdam: Nothing yet, Matt. If he doesn't start producing, I would think you would see an end to that alignment with Youkilis getting only sporadic playing time.

Beckett red seem to think it was anything serious and they caught it early before it had the sox to get chat.

Is he going to be our future SS or will the revolving door continue at that position? At the very least, he'll be up in Sept. I think Cincinnati had the most interest in him and I think the Sox would have put him in a different deal, by himself, to get a mid-level prospect back. Comment From Jon What do you expect from Middlebrooks going forward?

I know they took a lot of pitchers after the first round and projecting them is espeically tough.